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Player Registration

It is not too late to Register players online 

Cost $150

Rookies - ages 6 & 7, max weight 110.9lbs
Peewees - ages 8 & 9, max weight 120.9lbs
JV - ages 9-11*, max weight 140.9lbs
Varsity - ages 11-14, max weight 220.9, All 8th graders must play Varsity

* "Older Lighter" rule for 12 year old 7th graders.  For more information see CenCal Bylaws

Concussion in Sports Course

Following the prompts at the NFHS Learning Center website to take this free course.

(*Please note - You will prompted to create an acocunt, "order" and "purchase" the course even though the course is free. )


Thunder Youth Football
P.O. Box 522
Atwater, CA  95301